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April 2016

Hello Partners:

We are praising our good Lord for the many things He is doing here in India! We have been here for 2 months and have been very busy. We have preached in many churches and have had opportunity to preach in several different kinds of services. I preached at an outdoor prayer meeting one night and just a few days later we were back at the same home preaching the funeral of two of the people that had been in attendance. A man there had been sick and passed into a coma during the week and on Tuesday morning he took a turn for the worse but before he passed away his good wife suddenly died! Within 3 hours both husband and wife went to heaven! Ain’t God Good! Imagine his surprise when he opened his eyes in heaven and his wife was already there!

We have seen God save several souls while here! My World Missions class is going well. Denise has been teaching the girl students on Wednesday afternoons.  She and Kezia had a ladies meeting last week here with around 40 ladies present. Our Pastors Conference had 97 Pastors, with a high attendance of 143.

We have purchased new playground equipment for the children with the help of a Christian School in Florida. We have 28 children living in our new home. We have 54 students here on campus at LCBBC. With the staff, students and children we have around 100 people on campus! One BIG HAPPY FAMILY!

We will be going to Nagaland the day after Easter for two weeks for our graduation exercise there. We have 9 students there.This new work is going well with our wonderful staff doing a great job.

We are in the process of building two churches and a prayer shed. We hope to have dedications the week of Easter. We are praying for $4,500 to purchase a piece of property to build another church. We have the money for the building but need the money to purchase the land. I preached in a small house church there last week and there was a Hindu lady that received Christ. These people really need a church.

When we return from India in late April we are praying that God will open doors for us to present our work in some new churches. We have a few Mission Conferences, Revivals and Camp Meetings booked  but as of right now our calendar has many openings. If the Lord lays us on your heart about helping in any kind of meeting during the next year please contact us at 205-307-9774.

We are asking God for direction to expand the ministry in India! There are such great needs, and many areas have no Gospel witness. We want to be obedient to our call to reach the great country of India with the Gospel. Please pray for us that we would be sensitive to the Holy Spirit. We do not want to just sit on our past labors! There is much work to be done! Please pray for direction and the wisdom to implement what God would have us do.

Thank you for your prayer and financial support! We are blessed to have partners like you!

Danny and Denise Tesseneer